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Senior Software Development Engineer

Senior Software Development Engineer

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Evi Technologies Limited
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Job Description

You: “Alexa, I’m looking for a job where I can build products straight out of science fiction.”
Alexa: “I have found matching jobs for you in the Alexa Knowledge team in Cambridge, UK. What role are you looking for?”
You: “I’d like to work on making you even smarter than you are today.”
Alexa: “Wonderful. There are multiple roles in Cambridge where you can do that, here are the details … ”

Our focus in the Alexa Knowledge team combines natural language understanding, acquiring large volumes of structured knowledge, and building autonomous machine reasoning to allow our customers to get answers to their questions in the most natural way possible. We’re part of a huge research and engineering effort on the Amazon Alexa team.
We’ve solved many complex problems to get to where we are today, but there are still plenty of challenges ahead of us, and Alexa is getting smarter every day. The problems we solve in the Alexa Knowledge team in Cambridge help Alexa get smarter by understanding the different ways people talk, by learning more and more facts about the world, by improving her common sense reasoning and by responding in the most natural way possible in multiple languages.
We set out to build Alexa at Amazon because we believe that voice will fundamentally improve the way people will interact with technology, and we wanted to create a computer in the cloud that could be controlled entirely by your voice.

Alexa is part of a huge engineering effort at Amazon, where we deliver genuinely complex and cutting edge technology at truly global scale; there are tens of millions of Alexa devices out there. We have solved so many different problems to get to where we are today – your role is to own these problems, think big and answer them.

As a Software Development Engineer at Alexa you will be part of a team of engineers in the design, development, test and operation of services. You will play an integral part in Alexa as we grow at a phenomenal rate, developing services that are massively scaleable, low latency and deployed to AWS.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • You own your team's architecture and are a key influencer in team strategy.
  • You lead design reviews for your team and actively participate in design reviews of related software teams.
  • You lead the design, implementation, and delivery of successful large-scale, critical and/or highly complex software or software effort involving significant work.
  • Designing and developing high performance, test-driven code that meets complex requirements and is massively scalable.
  • Involvement at all stages of the software development cycle, including designing and developing significant new architectural systems and improvements.
  • Working with and maintaining a large existing code base as well as new components; maintaining production code and contributing to deployment and QA processes.
  • Working closely with other technical teams and product team to deliver on the company’s technical vision.
  • Contributing to the professional development of colleagues through mentoring and providing technical assessments for promotions.
  • Driving engineering best practices in Operational Excellence, Security and Quality
  • Part of a team that operationally owns its services.

Basic Qualifications

You have industry-leading technical abilities. You demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge in the following disciplines:
  • Strong object-oriented design and coding skills in C++
  • Your code, designs and implementation decisions set a great example to others
  • You solve problems at their root, stepping back to understand the broader context.
  • You develop pragmatic solutions. You build flexible systems without over-engineering and choose simple, straightforward solutions over more complex ones.
  • You understand a broad range of data models and know how, when and when not to use them.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience of STL, Boost, C++11/14
  • Experience of the design and implementation of graph databases in a low latency environment
  • You bring perspective and provide context for current technology choices and guide future technology choices.
  • Excellent design skills with a proven ability to find simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Experience of working with complex information at large scale.
  • Comfortable collaborating with teams with very different technical skills, and non-technical teams.
  • Your work focuses on ambiguous problem areas in existing or new software initiatives